Board of Directors

Dale Pomeroy

Current Past President
"As a farmer in Warden, I believe in bringing Industry and Ag Industry to Grant County so that my grandchildren will be able to find good family wage jobs after they have completed their education in what they enjoy. Agriculture is a very good way of live, but with new technology a farmer can handle so many more acres, which means less and less of our kids and grandkids will be farming. I am proud to be part of the EDC which helps make this county a much better place to live and raise a family."

Dale Pomeroy graduated Othello High School in 1965 and then attended Yakima Valley College taking Agriculture and Shop classes. He started farming in 1970 and has been self employed at his farm for the last 40 years.

Dale has served on various church and community boards including Port of Warden Commissioner, Columbia Basin Development League, Warden Development League, Washington Alfalfa Seed Commission and Logan Bee Lab (ARS).

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