Community Information Soap Lake

The City of Soap Lake was incorporated in 1919; Soap Lake is located in the heart of the Columbia Basin. The lake is world-renowned for its miraculous healing abilities. Come visit us and see why Soap Lake is Washington's health resort!


City of Soap Lake
239 2nd Avenue SE
Soap Lake, WA 98851

City Council Members

Mayor Michelle Agliano
Leslie Taylor
Bill Bratton
Karen Woodhouse
Kayleen Bryson
Allen DuPuy
Kat Sanderson
JoAnn Rushton

Community Information & Web Links

City levy Rate per $1,000 of assessed value
City of Soap Lake Council Meetings: 1st & 3rd Wednesday, 5:30 pm

Highway Infrastructure

  • Interstate 90 is 27 miles south
  • State Road 17 and State Road 28 intersect Soap Lake

Railway Infrastructure

  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe: Seattle to Chicago main line runs through town
  • There is a 2 mile spur line at the Port of Ephrata.

Public Transportation Network

  • Greyhound stops in Moses Lake 14 miles south
  • Amtrak stops in Ephrata.

Airport Infrastructure:

  • Regional Airport: Grant County International Airport with Foreign Trade Zone is in Moses Lake 14 miles south. Also serves as a test site for Boeing. The airport has 2 runways of 13,500ft and 10,000 ft. FedEx serves as the air cargo.

Waterway Infrastructure

  • Pasco, WA Container Barge Terminal: 94 Miles south
  • Water Type: Columbia River
  • Channel Depth: 15'
  • Turning Basin: 225'
  • Barging Facilities: Yes
  • General Cargo Facilities: Yes
  • Containerized Facilities: Yes
  • Storage Facilities: Yes
  • Highways Serving Port: State Highway 395
  • Railways Serving Port: Burlington Northern Santa Fa Main Line

Metro Area Distances