Grant County

P. O. Box 37
35 C St. NW
Ephrata, WA 98823
(509) 754-2011


Building Department

(509) 754-2011 ext. 344
The Building Department's function is to implement and enforce regulations relating to the design, construction, use and occupancy of buildings and structures located within this jurisdiction, along with the plumbing and mechanical associated with those structures.

Planning Department

(509) 754-2011 ext 620
The Planning Department handles individual land use applications, zoning reviews, shoreline permits, environmental reviews and sign-off for building permits as well as provides information to the public on all land use related issues.

Fire Marshall

(509) 754-2011 ext 320
The Grant County Fire Marshal's Office is dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Grant County from the hazards of fire, explosion and hazardous materials by fostering a safe environment through inspection, enforcement, regulation, investigation, hazardous material incident mitigation, data collection, and public education. All the efforts of this office are designed to reduce the deaths, injuries, and property losses of Grant County residents.

Health Department

(509) 754-6060 Ephrata
(509) 766-7960 Moses Lake
In partnership with the State Department of Health, the Health District monitors public water systems, coordinates and/or approves new water systems, investigates complaints related to waterborne illnesses, and provides material for the collection of water samples for bacterial analysis.