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Grant County EDC Board Members Update


The new year has brought about changes to the Grant County EDC’s board member roster! Please join us in thanking those who have participated with wonderful effort in this previous, quite difficult year while also welcoming the new members coming on to help us to strengthen our community!

Gregg Fletcher is our new President, which makes William Coe now our Current Past President. Thank you for all of your hard work, both of you!

Brian Kuest and Theresa Sullivan have termed out as Directors and replacing them will be Cash Brown of Brown Farms, Scott Freidig of General Dynamics and Curt Morris with the Port of Quincy.

We are excited for a new year with our board members and look forward to a strong and creative development going forward as we all work to make Grant County even more successful than it already is.

Thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support in our work and your dedication to your community does not go unnoticed!

We at the EDC are proud to display our past and current board members, armed with the knowledge that we are each of us enamored with Grant County and can work together to better our community.