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Grant County EDC Drone Updates


Grant County EDC has had their drone in the air no less than four separate times. Recordings of several golf courses in Grant County for the Grant County Magazine as well as both recordings and video of the new hangar being built with AeroTEC.

While the several golf courses were an easy process– arrive and take photos and videos after notifying the owner– the hangar on Grant County International property was considerably more complicated.

Waivers have to be filled out and permission granted to fly a drone within 5 miles of an airport, not to mention the only  time you can fly is from sunup to 8am. That makes things rather tricky this time of year when it is getting dark later and later!

With these practice sessions and getting our feet wet, the EDC is now ready to take requests from our local ports on footage they may need of industrial sites, factories and otherwise.

Please contact Nic Thurston to set up some dates and times– he is always happy to help. You can reach him at the EDC office or via email at nic@grantedc.com.

The weather will certainly be less cooperative in the near future, so be sure to get scheduled sooner rather than later.