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Grant County EDC Drone License Received


The Grant County EDC’s Nic Thurston has taken and passed the Unmanned Aircraft General test at Central Washington University on September 16th! With only a few steps remaining, the EDC will soon have a fully licensed drone pilot available to shoot sites in high resolution video or take ultra high definition photographs from on high.

The drone will be registered with the EDC and we are excited to utilize our new technology as soon as possible!

Drone footage will help us remain up-to-date in terms of technology and utility. Being able to show anyone across the globe detailed site information and schematics will only serve to help the Grant County EDC and Grant  County in general will become more visible to the world.

We hope to be able to use this service in the next few months. Nic will be looking for some sites to practice with and will likely begin making the rounds to locations in Grant County to update our profiles. If you have any sites in mind that you feel could use an aerial touch, let Nic know at nic@grantedc.com!

Thanks goes out to Nic for his hard work in preparing for and passing his test. He will now be vetted by the FAA and should receive full certification in the next two weeks.

Congratulations, Nic!