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The CARES Act is bringing more dollars to Grant County:

Cares Act

The Grant County EDC has almost completed the Working Washington Grants that were granted to 19 different businesses in Grant County. Only two more contracts remain incomplete at this time and things are moving along quickly.

The CARES act is bringing another 2.5 million dollars to Grant County in Federal Grants. We’d like to thank the county commissioners for allocating these funds for small businesses to help in these difficult times. The process for these will likely be different from that of the Working Washington Grants, and need to be completed by October of this year.

When all is said and done, Grant County will likely end up seeing closer to 2.7 million dollars in grants that our office will be handling for the foreseeable future. Things are moving quickly and we hope to have more information on this process in the next couple of weeks.

We are very proud to have this opportunity to help facilitate these grants and help our Grant County recover from this pandemic. The EDC appreciates the calm and collective manner in which residents applied for these grants, both when receiving the grants and being denied access to grants.

With the previous 2.7 million dollars stated, we might be seeing close to 270 individual grants to share with our community and are happy to help streamline this process wherever possible. Nic Thurston is becoming a professional at processing grants!