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Grant County EDC has new tech: Drone and 360-degree GoPro.


As discussed in our previous newsletter, Grant County EDC has purchased both a drone and a 360-degree camera!

We went with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 and a GoPro Fusion 360. Both of these high-tech devices will enable us to view any site available in wide variety of new ways.

Nic Thurston will drive out to these sites throughout Grant County, send up the drone to take an aerial shot, and then use the GoPro Fusion to put marks on the aerial shot that will allow people to view the site at ground level in a full 360-degree photo that they can look around in!

As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, this is certainly the right time to develop this sort of thing. Where social distancing and concern are found almost everywhere– we want to be sure to be at the forefront of availability for our clients!

Once again, we want people to remain interested in Grant County even if they are uncomfortable with traveling at this time.