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State Passes Biennium Budget

State of WashingtonLate Sunday night, the Washington State Legislature passed the 2019-2021 budget in Olympia.

The $52.4 billion budget was passed after a 105-day regular session by 57-41 in the House and 27-21 in the Senate. While the budget does raise taxes, it does not include the proposed capital gains tax.

To pay for the budget increase new taxes were also passed. A new tiered real estate excise tax, the B&O Tax rate increased for large banks and travel agents, new taxes for vaping products and the state eliminated the automatic sales tax exemption for shoppers from states without a sales tax.

A number of other new taxes were also passed that were not included within the budget. Including raising the B&O on select professional services such as technology, new payroll tax and a hazardous substance tax.
Also passed was a $9.8 billion transportation budget and a $4.9 billion capital budget. Local communities were funded in the new capital budget.

  • George was awarded $201,000 for a new roof at the George Community Hall.
  • Within Quincy the Quincy Hospital received $300,000, and $41,000 went to the Quincy Valley Historical Society & Museum.
  • Royal City Parks and Recreation received $250,000.
  • Big Bend Community College received funds for facility repairs, minor works and roof repairs totaling $2.245 million
  • $3.525 million went to Grant County Landfill
  • Coulee City Medical Clinic received $150,000 to help build the new clinic
  • Community Services of Moses Lake Food Bank Facility was awarded $2 million