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Project Pink Floyd chooses the Port of Quincy for Secondary Location

Raceway TechnologyIn 2015 the Grant County EDC was naming projects after 80’s rock bands. Board members would chuckle as staff talked about Project Def Leopard and Project Eagles. Project Pink Floyd was talked about for many meetings to come.

Project Pink Floyd reached out to the Grant County PUD in October of 2015, from there Business Recruitment Manager, Emily Smith, talked with the company to learn about their wish list for a new location; eventually settling on properties at the Port of Quincy, due to logistics and location of current customers. Since then, the Port of Quincy has worked hard to help Project Pink Floyd to become a full fledged Grant County local business.

In 2019, the Port of Quincy will invest $2.5 million into their industrial park for a building which Raceway Technology, Inc. will lease for 20 years.

Raceway Technology is currently based out of Tacoma and fabricates PVC joints for underground utility lines. The Quincy facility will be their second location and expects to employ 30-40 initially.

“Project Pink Floyd is a great win for Grant County.” Commented Smith. “Being able to bring in a company that already does business in our county is a smart way to recruit businesses. We can bring more value to our existing companies this way.”

The Grant County EDC has been working with the local port districts and existing businesses to learn about business needs to help facilitate the future business recruitment plans; building a business ecosystem that is diverse and continues to grow the Grant County economy and quality of life.