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5-Year Capital Campaign Survey Summary

The Grant County Economic Development Council is coming to the close of the first five year capital campaign, Building Prosperity.
During the five years, the EDC has been able to assist with creating new jobs, working to retain new businesses, improving infrastructure and much more. (Clink on these links to read about outcomes or for the EDC report card.) To continue to build on this momentum, the Grant County EDC will be developing the next five year campaign for 2019 through 2023.

To better assist in the development of the new five year plan, the EDC staff sent out a survey to all current investors and 48 surveys were returned.
70% of responders felt that Business Recruitment was an extremely important initiative, while 86% felt that Business Retention was either extremely or very important. Still most of the investors, 30%, felt that Retail and Service Development was only somewhat important. 52% of responders felt that Workforce Development was extremely important.

Overall, investors felt that if the EDC did one thing it should be working on recruiting high paying jobs and develop close ties with local ports and partners to provide support to the local existing businesses.

While responders are happy with the current staff, and feel that the EDC has been successful in past recruitments, there is always room for improvements. Such as workforce development, communication with investors and the public and strategic planning.
New programs to add to the EDC wish list could include, a legislative program, focusing on more infrastructure, start up workshops and of course, the next five year plan.

Other comments were for the EDC to develop a board orientation to help members come up to speed faster, prioritize initiatives and stay focused to the investor’s mission.

The EDC staff appreciates all those who took the time to respond to the survey. Staff is working hard to make sure the GCEDC mission and vision are the guide to each day. Please reach out to any board member to Brant Mayo, the executive director if you have anything else you’d like the EDC to implement for the next five year capital campaign.